Mindfulness Indonesia is a registered institute in Jakarta with the aim of promoting mindfulness throughout Indonesia. We provide mindfulness training to both individuals and corporate employees.

Mindfulness is self-awareness to the present moment in a way that involves acceptance, non-judgement, curiosity, and observation. More specifically, Mindfulness refers to practice that involves meditation techniques that help us slow down and observe our thoughts and feelings, without getting caught up in them. It often includes paying attention to the breath, or taking deep, calming breaths.


Regular Training

Learn how to control your mind, get connected with your inner-self, find your happines within, and transform your life through mindfulness practices. Join our classes!

Training for Trainers

Join the Mindfulness revolution movement with us. If you are passionate about Mindfulness and want to make a better world with peaceful mind and tranquility, this class is for you.

Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting is the practice of using mindfulness in everyday parenting situations in order to respond thoughtfully in a calm and effective manner that builds a more positive parent-child relationship.

For Corporate Training please send us an inquiry.

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We’d be glad to hear from you whether you have class inquiries or wish to share feedback.

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Official address :
Jl. Cemara Boulevard No. 53, Bogor West Java