MINDFULNESS PRIVATE TALKS (starts from IDR 250,000 / person)

Conducted every two weeks with selected topics/themes such as : Mindfulness for Parents, Mindfulness for Relationship, Mindfulness for Executive, etc. Location is always changing.  Ask us for more info. 

MINDFULNESS BASIC PROGRAM (starts from IDR 1,000,000 / person) 

Conducted once in a month to provide a basic foundation of what Mindfulness is and how Mindfulness can be beneficial for one’s lifestyle who wishes to have a more peaceful, stress-free living. Ask us for more info.

MINDFULNESS ONE-ON-ONE SESSION (starts from IDR 5,000,000 / person) 

Make a real change for yourself, with private guidance from Mindfulness Indonesia’s master and trainer to help you cope with specific circumstances in life, through Mindfulness approach. Session will be divided into 4 times meeting. Ask us for more info.

MINDFULNESS FOR SCHOOLS OR TEACHERS (starts from IDR 7,500,000 / 3 hours, max. 50 persons) 

Specifically designed for teachers to be Mindful in any conditions and to make them able to help kids/students find their true potentials.  Schools are expected to provide the venue and equipment for this session. Ask us for more info.  

*the fees for above services doesn’t include venue and F&B if any.