Jika Anda memiliki passion di bidang Mindfulness dan memiliki dorongan untuk menciptakan harmoni bagi lebih banyak orang, maka kelas ini cocok bagi Anda.

Dipandu oleh Beninglara, selaku pendiri Mindfulness Indonesia dengan pengalaman lebih dari 15 tahun di bidang meditasi dan Mindfulness, kelas ini akan memberikan pengetahuan lebih dalam mengenai Mindfulness, bukan hanya untuk kepentingan pribadi namun juga bisa digunakan untuk melatih orang lain, dengan beberapa syarat tertentu.

Mindfulness Training for Trainers dirancang untuk pelatihan selama 5 pertemuan.

Day 1 (Basic) : Mengenal Mindfulness dan Praktik Meditasi Secara Umum

  • Bagian I Peserta akan diperkenalkan dengan teori mengenai Mindfulness, manfaat dan bagaimana melatih diri untuk senantiasa Mindful.
  • Part II Introduces simple breathing techniques to teach participants how to access their Subconscious mind and also find out how much clutter is present there as an indication of their clarity of mind.
  • Part III Is a platform for participants to share their Testimonies and it is also a Q&A session.

Day 2 (Beginner) : Taking advantage of the Law of Attraction to realize your dreams

  • Bagian I Introduces participants to the Law of Attraction and how it works in order for them to take advantage of it to achieve their goals. They will learn that in order to set in motion the Law of Attraction, they need to activate consciousness in a way that aligns the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind and the Heart) on the same frequency to create a coherent drive, and then move forward from there to achieve their goal.
  • Part II Introduces simple breathing techniques to give participants an understanding of the frequency of their Body, Mind and Heart and its effect on others w.r.t. attraction or rejection.
  • Part III Is a platform for participants to share their Testimonies and it is also a Q&A session.

Day 3 (Intermediate) : Clarifying your Life purpose to know what you really want in life

  • Bagian I Consists of two activities: a test to determine participants’ current energy level and Mindfulness level, and a game to find out about their dreams or aspirations.
  • Part II Introduces participants to the concept of life purpose – the WHY that motivates them to do what they do – and its tremendous power to shape ALL their life: their thoughts and feelings, their decisions and choices, their words and actions, and ultimately their results in life.
  • Part III Consists of a post-test. Participants will have the opportunity to compare the results with the pre-test.

Day 4 (Advance): Getting the Universe’s assistance to maximize your full potential

  • Bagian I Consists of 2 activities: a pre-test given to participants in order to determine the level of alignment of their Heart, Mind and Body; and a game session to find out the existence of any deep-seated negative beliefs and feelings that are holding them back from realising their potential.
  • Part II Introduces participants to the concept of Mirror Universe – the idea that the universe functions like a giant mirror, sending back to you (in the present and the future) what you project into it with your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. They will learn that they are the creators of their reality, that is, their life is a perfect mirror of their deep-seated beliefs and feelings. Consequently, they will only attract what they think about (opportunities, people, situations).
  • Part III Introduces participants to techniques they could use to overcome their negative thoughts and feelings in order to align their Heart, Body and Mind in order to transform and maximize their life potential.

Day 5 (Master): Understanding a deeper level of Mindfulness as Spiritual practices

This Master program enables participants to know their inner self, their transformation and how they will able to connecting Mindfulness with spirituality and Mindfulness with daily practices. Participants will also get knowledge about other Philosophical theories that connect with Mindfulness. To get into Master Program, participants are required to pass the previous levels of training.

This Master Program is expecting participants to cultivate more acceptance, empathy and compassion, to be able to train others.

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