About Mindfulness Indonesia

Mindfulness Indonesia is a registered learning center in Jakarta, promoting Mindfulness in Indonesia. Mindfulness is self-awareness to the present moment in a way that involves acceptance, non-judgment, curiosity and observation.

Through Mindfulness, one can attain happiness, peaceful mind, reduce stress/anxiety, be more productive and creative, and help people to know themselves better.

Why Mindfulness Indonesia?

We are Indonesia’s first Mindfulness learning institution that has been authorized by Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia. We established in 2016 and have been teaching thousands of people about Mindfulness for their individual needs.

Join us for a Mindfulness Revolution movement, to be a better human being who live in harmony and balance.

Vision & Missions


To create a better place with peace, tranquility and harmony for everyone in Indonesia, and overall globally, through Mindfulness approach. We are aiming to have Mindfulness as one curricula in education system in Indonesia.


  • To give the best service of Mindfulness education for individuals, institution, parents and kids.
  • To promote Mindful lifestyle through Mindfulness meditation, non-judgmental attitude, especially for younger generations
  • To spread correct information about Mindfulness through modern approach